In talking about letting go of the ego’s needs and accomplishments and the need to be less in control, I could be interpreted as overemphasizing detachment. But when you look at Jesus on the cross, you see that Christianity is a religion of attachment. Jesus says to love and pay the price for it. The soul always attaches. It falls in love. Look at the image of the Sacred Heart of Jesus. His heart is out in front. Maybe it’s terrible art, but it’s great theology. The heart is given, and the price is paid. When we attach, when we fall in love, we risk pain and we will always suffer for it. The cross is not the price that Jesus had to pay to talk God into loving us. It is simply where love will lead us. Jesus names the agenda. If we love, if we give ourselves to feel the pain of the world, it will crucify us. (This understanding of the crucifixion is much better than thinking of Jesus as paying some debt to an alienated God, who needs to be talked into loving us.)

Richard Rohr, Everything Belongs.

I love Rohr’s writings. He incorporates a traditional understanding of God into this new way of seeing in a way that Rollins can sometimes toss out (for good reasons that suit his purpose, mind you).

Rohr just seems to get it. With Rohr’s writings the traditional and progressive understandings of God belong. As the title of the book claims, everything belongs.

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